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What is TURBO Zērglis?

Zērglis is the world’s first and only zip-line ride on the Trolley Route.  In the Turbo version, Zērglis is equipped with an aviation turbine for extra power and an even faster and more exciting adventure. It is the latest technology developed in Latvia and patented worldwide. You have the chance to be among the first to try it in the 2024 season!

How it works?

The Turbo Zērglis comes with an aviation turbine that will accelerate your flight up to 90 km/h. It will be a unique, unforgettable experience – to fly on the Sigulda cable car over the ancient Gauja valley. It’s like a very fast bird flying at 55 metres, 800 metres away. Unforgettable emotions you can’t experience anywhere else!

After your flight, the Sigulda cable car will return you to your starting point.

How about safety? 

The Zērglis attraction has been operating since 2017 and we have safely served more than 25 000 customers. The mechanical design of Zērglis, calculated for 7 times the loads, remains unchanged. The Turbo Zērglis version adds a turbine, fast-charging capacitors and electronic controls to create a unique machine for an unforgettable experience.

The Turbo Zērglis is scheduled to open in spring 2024. Until then, we are continuing intensive tests. In total, at least 500 test flights will be carried out before we allow customers to use the equipment, because safety is our first priority. Please note that if necessary, the tests can be extended until we are 200% sure that the attraction is safe!

When can I use my gift voucher? 

The implementation of the Turbo Zērglis project does not affect the operation of the existing Zērglis attraction. If the Turbo Zērglis tests have not been completed by spring 2024, you can enjoy a flight with the classic Zērglis already in May 2024 or wait and use the gift voucher as soon as the Turbo Zērglis starts flying.


At the moment (and only at the moment), both attractions are the same price and you won’t lose anything. Later in the summer, the Turbo Zērglis will cost a little more, as 4 years of engineering and tens of thousands of euros have gone into creating and testing this machine.


Author of the concept: Ivars Beitāns

Project engineers: Arnis Rubīns, Artūrs Rimša, Kārlis Ķuzis, Pēteris Pavlovskis, Jēkabs Pavlovskis, Reinis Selga

We are professionals and we take responsibility for our work.

We are proud that this is a unique product, which has no analogues anywhere in the world, created by Latvian minds.


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