Sigulda 1°C

5. Līgatne - Sigulda

  • Distance

    22 km

  • Time

    13:00 (4-6 h)

Start at: 13:00 from Līgatne Crossing

Finish: Sigulda

What to expect?

The route is calm and therefore suitable for families with children and boaters with no previous experience. Entering the river takes place at Līgatne Crossing, the only ferry in the Baltics that is driven by the force of the river current. The rest of the trip will feature several spectacular natural formations: Jumpravu, Katrīna, Glūdu, Launaga, Elpu Sandstone outcrops/Devonian rocks.

The trip will end in Sigulda, Latvia’s most beloved city, where you will have an unprecedented view of Turaida Castle from the river. Our staff will meet you at the camp site “Dainas” to take you back to your car. If you want to stay for longer, we offer a delicious dinner in our outdoor restaurant “MUNO”.