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1. Cēsis - Līgatne

  • Distance

    18 km

  • Time

    9:00 (4-6 h)

Start at: 9:00 – Cēsis (bridge over the River Gauja)

Finish: Līgatne Crossing

What to expect?

This is the most popular and magnificent boating route in the ancient Gauja Valley, which in one day will allow you to see unique and very beautiful places – a series of sandstone rocks (Devonian outcrops) and the Ķūķu Rapids. This stretch of the River Gauja is also known as Gauja Canyon, where Latvia’s most impressive sandstone outcrops are visible on both sides of the river. Including: Briedīši, Edernieki, Ķūķu (the highest in Latvia), Līņu, Enkura, Spriņģu Rocks.

Be ready!

The River Gauja, near Ķūķu Rock, will have one of the most spectacular rapids, and it is important to enter it straight downstream. It is possible to overturn when entering laterally there. This stretch is suitable for riders who already know how to paddle. Beginners are advised to be particularly careful in this area, or to stop before the rapids and walk around them.

The route ends at Līgatne Crossing, the only ferry in the Baltics that is still in operation and is driven from one side of the river to the other by the force of the current.

Our staff will meet you at your final destination to take you back to your car. If you want to stay for longer, we offer a delicious dinner in our outdoor restaurant “MUNO” in Sigulda.